The agenda for the next meeting will be published a minimum of 3 working days before the next meeting. The dates for all meetings in 2020 are listed in the table below. Draft minutes and any available reports will always be posted within the 28 day limit.

Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting is published 7 working days in advance of the meeting.

Any queries should be addressed to the Parish Clerk, Joy Hart,

For an online version of each report pertaining to a particular meeting, please use the table below 

Date Meeting Documents Other
6 Jan    Ordinary Minutes 060120 Agenda
3 Feb    Ordinary Minutes 030220 Agenda
2 Mar Ordinary Minutes 020320 Agenda
16 Mar Planning Minutes 160320 Agenda
6 Apr Ordinary Virtual discussion only Notes
 May Annual meeting of the Parish  No meeting due to Covid 19  
11 May Annual Parish Meeting  Minutes 110520 Agenda
1 Jun Ordinary Draft Minutes 010620 Agenda
6 Jul Ordinary   Agenda
3 Aug Ordinary    
7 Sept  Ordinary    
5 Oct Ordinary    
2 Nov Ordinary    
7 Dec Ordinary