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Submitter Contact details
ABBOTT 1844-1851 Paul Evans
AGGUS   Joy Derrick
1740-1766 David Welton
ANDERSON   Malcolm Anderson
ARBON From 1820's Maria Sims
ASHMAN   Charlene Greensides
BANHAM   Marie Simpson
BLAKE 1730-1800 Rosalie Meehan
BLAKE   Karl Bamford
CANHAM 1805 onwards Sue Clement
CIVEL [SIVEL) 1700-1900 Penny Lower
CODD 1838 John Blanchard
  Barry Lay
EASTER 1800-1900 Martin Brocklesby
EASTER   Paul Charlesworth  
ELLIOTT 18th-20th c Lucy Cross
ELSEY 1700-1828 Gary Elsey
EVERSON 1700-1900 Penny Lower
EVERSON 1787 Doris Main
EVERSON up to 1860's Jan Everson
EVERSON   Charlene Greensides
EVERSON   Paul Charlesworth  
EVERSON   Linda Buckmaster
EVERSON   Veronica Everson 
FAIRWEATHER   Janet Boniface


1600-1750 Ryan Flick
FREEMAN   Neil Langridge
FULCHER 18th-20th c Lucy Cross

FULCHER   John Blanchard 

FULCHER   Ralph Molyneux
FULCHER   Janet Boniface
GABBITAS 1804 Eric Gabbitas
GOODERHAM   Annette Avery
GREEN 1860-1880 Melvyn Fletcher
HADDOCK 1877 Kevin Knights
HUNT 1834? Mary Read
KENT 1740 onwards Sally Kent 
  Janet Boniface
LAMBERT   Barry Lay
LAST Present Patricia Weston (nee LAST)
LENNY 1740 onwards Sally Kent 
LOCKE 1889 Susan Du Casse
MILLS   Lorraine Mills
MOSS pre 1800 Paul Cook
NEVITT   Janet Boniface
NOLLER Mid 18c onwards Di Noller
OFFORD 1943 Des Carter
PEARCE up to 1860's Jan Everson
PLOWMAN   Peter Bloomfield


Geraldine Potter  
REYNOLDS 1865-1914 Mervyn Fletcher
ROOT bef 1900 S Brentnall
ROPER   Martin
RUSH 1940 Des Carter
SHERMAN after 1700 Martin
SHELVER ~1900 Steve Cartrt  
SHULVER 1810-1830 Lorraine O'Donnell
SHULVER Bef 1756 Melvin Payne
SHIP 1805 onwards Sue Clement
SMITH 1924-1927 Rosalyn Tildesley
STARR   Charlene Greensides
STEGGALL up to 1860's Jan Everson
STRINGER 1950-1980 Mary Spink
  Barry Lay
VOWLES   Charlene Greensides
WHITING Bef 1756 Melvin Payne
WILDING 1890 Dunning (nee Merry)
WILDING   Ralph Molyneux

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