These pages document a history of the people of Occold including references to external sources and the family history research we have done.

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There is an ongoing project to document the history of different groups of people from Occold including Roll of Honour, Rectors, Publicans, Postmasters, Farmers and other prominent citizens. Since there was a lot of inter-marriage between different families, all this information on individuals and families has been has been brought together in a single database - People of Occold.

You can access this database at:

You can key in the individual you are interested in and see various 'views' of the family including family groups, pedigree, descendants etc. The layout of the pages is not the easiest to navigate so you might have to try various options. Note that the database is being updated on an almost daily basis as we find more information as part of this work in progress. Regretably, the database is only visible if you have a subscription to! Have fun!

Please Contact Us if you find any information which is incorrect or you have additional information that you wish to add.

Note: We did some considerable research into the Rectors of Occold but, since they moved in totally different social circles, this information will be published in a similiar fashion but in its own database.

The following notes may assist you interpret the information.


The database is hosted by so you do need a subscription to view it. However, any person born in the last 100 years without a specific date of death will be shown as "living" and all information of name and event dates will not be shown. 

However, we do have this information held privately up to the present day albeit all of it has been derived from information sources in the public domain

GRO Registration

GRO (General Registrars Office) has been responsible for recording all births, marriages and deaths since 1837. A GRO entry looks like:

<quarter> <year>
GRO <district>,<county>, <volume>, <page>

The Quarter is either Mar (Jan-Mar), Jun (Apr-Jun), Sep (Jul-Sep) or Dec (Oct-Dec)

District is a geographical area but a district can cover up to 50 parishes - thus it is not possible to pin down in which parish an event took place. Occold is part of the district of Hartismere. 

Volume and Page refer to the reference numbers of the index and is required if you wish to puchase a copy of the relevant birth, marriage or death certificate.


Travel overseas is usually identified as Immigration (entering a country) or Emigration (leaving a country).

In most cases, it shows port of departure, destination, name of ship and occupation of passenger.


A probate entry generally shows the size of the estate and the names and occupations of the Executors. It does not show all the beneficiaries - this would be contained in a will if one had been left.

In some cases, we show the value of the estate in today's money based on the Bank of England historic records of inflation.


  1. By Andrew wright on July 28, 2016

    Just wondered if there was any research/history on Dublin road, Occold. I cant find any history online, I know on the map it goes as Dublin, but that's about it.


  2. By Barry Woods, Editor on August 13, 2015

    Thanks Kevin and nice to stay in touch. Due to various family crises, we havent done much work on this recently but HADDOCK is quite a widespread name so we will take a look asap

  3. By Kevin Knights on August 12, 2015

    Hi Barry,

    I'm just doing some family tree work, and knowing that my paternal grandmother was born in Occold looked for her on your wonderful 'People of Occold'. Alas the whole family is missing so...
    James William Haddock, 1877-1958 m. Rosa Clover 1876-1944. My g'mother was the last of 8 ( I think) and called Ellen M(innie) b 23rd October 1911 and moved to Hoxne marrying Arthur James Knights Dec 1931.
    Not quite sure how that fits with your trees at the moment!

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