Roll of Honour

This page is a tribute to the 15 men from Occold who died in the Great War and are commemorated on the War Memorial.

We are seeking to give a bit more insight into these men rather than just names on a memorial, For each of the 15, we will document their own lives, their wives if married, their parents and their grandparents. We will also seek to put them into context within the village of Occold and its people, places and occupations at the time.

Where possible, we will also publish any photographs which may be relevant. 

We will also seek to identify any living descendants in order that they might benefit from what we have found out if they did not already know, to seek any memories, records, photographs etc that they might have and to possibly organise some sort of local Meet 'n Greet at some time in the future.

The information we capture on each of these men will be recorded as a downloadable document since this is the most convenient way that some of this history can be published in the local ORACLE village magazine and will also enable paper copies to be retained as part of the Village Recorder archive.

A considerable amount of background has already been carried out by Alan Moore and was published as a booklet by Occold Parish Council. You can read this under We Will Remember Them.

Finally, if you have any information yourself regaring these men or indeed are descendants, we would very much like to hear from you - see Contact Us.

The individual histories can be downloaded below as and when they become available. Note - In some cases, names of descendants have been published based upon information in the public domain but contacting the individuals to seek their permission is not always possible. Please Contact Us if your name appears and you wish to have it removed.

Research carried out during 2014 by Pat & Barry Woods

Name Born KIA
Frederick ELLIOTT 1883 3 Jul 1916
George Frederick MULLENGER 1895 12 Oct 1916
Charles Robert MULLENGER 1894 31 Jan 1915
William ROOT 1888 15 Sep 1917
Frank Carter WOODS 1893 18 Nov 1916
Ernest Arthur MILLS 1893 10 Oct 1917
George HAMMOND 1882 16 Jan 1917
James LISTER 1888 2 Apr 1917
William POTTER 1893 1 May 1918
Walter William HUNT 1892 3 May 1917
William BROWN   2 Apr 1917
Nicholas Herbert TODD 1878 7 Oct 1916
Ernest Alfred HADDOCK 1888 6 Oct 1917
James HUNT 1883 15 Jun 1918
Frederick William SMITH   10 Apr 1918

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