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Occold ORACLE is sponsored by ORAC and delivered free to about 280 households in the village. It is published quarterly and delivered at the beginning of (approximately) Apr, Jul, Oct and Jan.

Issues can be posted if required. Each edition is available in large type if required.

Content can be changed between issues and we can help with artwork/graphics.


Advertising is FREE to Occold Clubs and Organisations, Statutory Bodies and For Sale / Wanted items. We also welcome articles about Occold and surrounds, the environment and generally anything which may be of wide appeal. 

Business advertising rates are as follows:

A5 size - £54 for all four issues
A5 size - £14 for one issue
A6 size - £30 for all four issues
A6 size - £8 for one iss
  • A5 size - £15 for 1 issue
  • A5 size - £54 for 4 issues
  • A6 size - £8 for 1 issue
  • A6 size - £30 for 4 issues

Guidelines for submission

  • Text articles can be submitted in paper or electronic form. For lengthy articles, most of the popular electronic formats (.txt, .rtf, .doc etc) can be handled and would be preferred

  • Pictures and photographs can be submitted in paper or electronic form. Photographs in most of the popular electronic formats (.jpg, .bmp. .gif etc) can be handled and give a better result than scanning

  • Submitters are solely responsible for the content of their articles, in particular any copyright issues

  • Articles containing links to other web sites should be checked to ensure any such links are working. Thereafter, the submitter is responsible for maintaining these

  • Business advertisers will be invoiced following approval of the way their advert will appear


For queries on layout formats, large type, postage, advertising rates or to submit your material, please contact the Editors:

Julia Pointer
Debbie Phillips


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